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Vintners White Veritical

Vintners White Veritical




Put your wine tasting skills to the test with our Vintner's Blend White Vertical Tasting Set.

This set includes:

Vintner's Blend White VIII - This blend gives you all the best flavors and aromas from each grape.
Stone fruits from the Chardonnay, tropical from the Pinot Grigio and clean finish from the Vidal Blanc. 33.4% Chardonnay, 33.3% Pinot Grigio, 33.3% Vidal Blanc

Vintner's Blend White IX - This blend gives you the best flavors and aromas from each varietal - Vidal Blanc provides notes of lemongrass, tropical flavors from the Pinot Gris, and peach flavors from the Chardonnay. 73% Vidal Blanc 15% Pinot Grigio 12% Chardonnay

This set comes prepackaged in our Black 2-bottle Handled Gift Box.

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