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OYC White Wine Trio

OYC White Wine Trio



Get the best of the best of our white wines with our OYC White Wine Trio.  This set includes:

  • 2021 Chardonnay - A Gold Medal winner, this all stainless steel Chardonnay is medium bodied with a soft acidity, and highlights fruit flavors of peaches and apricots with a clean, crisp finish.
  • 2021 Pinot Gris - Winner of both a Gold and Silver Medal this year, this Pinot Gris brings aromas of spring flowers & tropical fruit aromas.  A delicious off-dry wine, it's light in body with a clean finish.
  • 2021 Vidal Blanc - Winner of a Gold Medal at the Sunset International Wine Competition, this French American hybrid grape makes a crisp, clean and well-balanced wine with hints of tropical fruits.

This set comes prepackages in our white 3-bottle gift box, perfect for easy wrapping or shipping.


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